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Important info.

Cuban Customs

All details pertaining to customs and regulations in Cuba (eg. the number of items you can carry, weight, etc…) can be found at this official Website www.aduana.co.cu.

About your luggage:

  • All passengers arriving to Cuba are entitled to carry a total of 25 kgs of weight (called miscellaneous) between their baggage and hand baggage, free of charge.
  • In addition to their personal belongings all passengers are also entitled to carry 10 kgs of medication that must be contained in original packaging. Officials may indicate to weigh the baggage. If weight is over 25 kgs, the cost will be 10 CUC extra per kilo.
  • A customs declaration must be made with imported goods not considered miscellaneous.
  • Bringing money into the country is cost free and a customs declaration must be completed if amount is or greater than 5000,00 USD. The same applies for foreign currencies of equal value.

For quick and efficient service please

  • Fill out correctly the Passenger Customs Declaration.
  • Bring medications and other items that are exempt from payment, in separate packages and apart from the rest of your luggage.
  • Follow the 1000 pesos limit authorized to import.
  • Do not bring in items that are prohibited.
  • Do not bring items that are subject to permits from other agencies without having the Authorization Document.
  • Do not bring excessive amounts of the same article (this can be considered of commercial nature).
  • Tell the customs inspector if you have shared baggage (baggage attached to more than one passenger).



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