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Important info.



  • Passport (needs to be valid at least 6 months before departure).
  • Visa or Tourist Card.
  • Medical insurance is compulsory. If you have medical or traveling insurance, it is recommended to check that it’s valid for full coverage in Cuba. Not all foreign Medical Companies have an agreement with Cuba. If upon arrival, you don’t have any medical insurance, you can buy at the airport, it’s recommend that it is done in your own country.
  • Return ticket to your country.
  • The address of your location. It will be given to the Customs officer when requested.
  • Vouchers are no longer needed, it will be enough with the name and address of the location. Customs have a list of all legal accommodations.

We recommend you to stay in places that have legal status, otherwise you could have troubles at the airport on your way back. Tourists are registered at where they stay and custom officials have access to all this information. You should always be available for the authorities in case of a hurricane, medical diseases, etc.
Before exiting the airport it is recommended to change some of your currency into CUC. There will always be a CADECA (Official Exchange House) next to the luggage bands. Always remember you should pay the taxis that drive you to your accommodation. The payment for the location is done with cash (CUC) and will be given directly to the owner of the lodgment.


    Once out of the airport, you will also have the chance to take an ordinary taxi to your destination. Here are some suggestions:

    • Take an OFFICIAL TAXI, outside there is a long line of taxis controlled by someone in a uniform and with a Walky Talky.
    • Go to him and let him know you want to hire a taxi from CUBATAXI enterprise.
    • Do not be tricked by the drivers and make sure that they are driving you to the right location.
    • You are the one who must speak with the owners, they definitely know who you are.
    • Do not pay the taxi until you make sure that you have in fact arrived to your destination.
    • All legal housing will have a Book of Registry and a ‘Blue logo’ at the entrance.    ONAT


    Once you reach your destination, the owner will ask you to hand him your visa and passport. This is required to fill out a form, some receipts and add you to the Official Registry Book. He will then go to the closest Immigration Office and hand in this information that pertains to you.
    In Cuba, foreigners are allowed to stay only in hotels and houses having the legal renting permissions for tourists. To stay with a friend or girl/ boyfriend house, you must notify to Immigration Office. They will change your Visa from Tourist Card to Relative Visa.
    For any additional information we recommend that you use our online Consulting Service.
    We take pleasure in catering to you and your every need. As well, we assure you comfort and security upon your arrival.
    All our accommodations comply with all the legal requirements. Have a wonderful trip!

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