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In Cuba, you will find different types of taxis:

taxi State taxis from CUBATAXI Enterprise State taxis from CUBATAXI Enterprise, which are paid in CUC and have a taximeter installed. They have an automatic starting fare of 1 CUC. From this moment on, the fare will cost you about 60 or 80 cents (CUC) per kilometer. For reservations you could dial the following telephone number: 855 5555.

Private Taxi Taxis comunitarios por Community taxis with fixed routes, which are classic/antique automobiles from the 1950's and the 1960's, commonly used by cubans. The fares go from 10 to 20 Cuban pesos (CUP) per route (1 CUC = 24 CUP). They are also known by cubans as "almendrones" (big almonds), probably because the shape of the car resembles that of an almond in some models) or "máquinas" (machines).

CocoTaxis Cocotaxi, are a motorized version of the tradicional pulled rickshaws. They have a taximeter installed and the exceptionally inexpensive fare is paid in CUC.
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