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Important info.

Visa or Tourist card

You will need all the following documents when traveling to Cuba:

PASSPORT: It is compulsory for entering Cuba and for travelling around the island. Be aware that your Passport must be valid for the duration of your trip plus an additional 6 months after your estimated date of departure.

VISA OR TOURIST CARD: To enter Cuba, it will be necessary to have a visa. You can obtain one at any Cuban Consulate or through your travel agency.
This visa or tourist card will allow you to stay 30 days on the Island. Once in Cuba, you could prolong your stay for another 30 days, by going to any Immigration Office close to you. The proceedings will cost you about 30 CUC in stamps, which could be purchased at any branch of the Metropolitan Bank( Banco Metropolitano).

  • GETTING A VISA (TOURIST CARD): It is necessary to have this document before your arrival to Cuba. It can be acquired at a Cuban Consulate and/or a travel agency. You will need a valid passport and about 25 euros to pay for the fees.

RELATIVE VISA: This special visa is requested when you will be staying with relatives on the Island. The Immigration officers will ask you to declare your relationship with the owner of the house: that means, if you are husband/wife, brother/sister, father/mother in law, etc… With this information you will aquire this visa and could lodge in your relative's home. Once in Cuba, the owner of the house you will be staying at, (your relative) will have to declare your arrival and the duration of your stay to any local Immigration Office. During this delaration you must present your Relative Visa and your passport.

* It is compulsory to have all relevant visas when entering the country.

Follow this recommened order when proceeding to acquire your documents and book your trip:

1st. Buy the airline ticket.

2nd. Book your lodging (In order to hold the reservation, the owners will ask you to provide your flight details).

  1. Confirm your lodging at least 10 days before your arrival ( we will send you an email to remind you).
  2. If there's any change with regard to your trip: you won´t come, your date of departure has changed, etc…,let us know so we can cancel your booking.
  3. Don´t be worried, in case of a delay, we´ll be waiting.

3rd Request your visa.

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